9781844749041-Time Travel to the Old Testament: Your Essential Companion-Sinkinson, Chris

Time Travel to the Old Testament: Your Essential Companion

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Sinkinson, Chris | Inter-Varsity Press


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This book is an unusual and innovative way to increase our Bible knowledge - by stepping into a metaphorical time machine. With a bit of communication from the past and imagination from the present, we can visit, explore and enjoy the world of the Old Testament.

"In an easy style, Chris Sinkinson shows how the books of the Old Testament are realistic and relevant for today. Without avoiding difficulties, he demonstrates how modern archaeological discoveries aid understanding of the Bible."?
- Alan Millard, Emeritus Rankin Professor of Hebrew and Ancient Semitic Languages, University of Liverpool

"I've suffered from some travel guides over the years. They know too much and bore you by going on and on. But Chris Sinkinson proves a wonderful guide to the long-ago world of the Old Testament: sure-footed, interesting, and dispensing up-to-date knowledge with a light and humorous touch."?
- Derek Tidball, former Principal of London School of Theology

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