9781844749027-But I Say to You: Christ the Controversialist-Stott, John

But I Say to You: Christ the Controversialist

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Stott, John | Inter-Varsity Press


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Jesus Christ has a way of cutting right across our logic and opinions, just as he did while on earth. Who God is, the authority of Scripture, the way of salvation, morality and worship are just some of the areas where he turns things on their heads - Are you willing to follow this controversialist Christ?

"'This is, I believe, not only one of John Stott's finest books, but one of the most important to be written in recent decades. In a world which increasingly rejects the concept of truth, and a church often marked by doctrinal indifference, its appeal to submit to Christ's teaching concerning core convictions and his example in arguing for them is urgently needed."?
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbes, Oxford, and Director of the Proclamation Trust

"John Stott expounds persuasively, generously, lucidly, and with penetrating insight, what it means to be faithful to Jesus Christ. This is a brilliant book."?
- Christopher Ash, Director of Cornhill Training Course

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