9781844748730-God's Big Design: Life As He Intends It to be-Roberts, Vaughan

God's Big Design: Life As He Intends It to be

Product Code: 9781844748730

Roberts, Vaughan | Inter-Varsity Press


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In a world with so much destruction and pain we can often find ourselves asking: Was there ever a perfect plan for the world? Was it designed by anyone at all? Was it an accident? And if it was all planned for a reason and purpose, what are those purposes?

Vaughan Roberts encourages readers to look at the first chapters of the Bible to understand the plan that God had in mind for mankind right from the start. He examines how God intended us to live in his creation and gives clear indications of how we can do so in the world today, even with the pain and destruction around us. He covers the issues that affect us all: our identity, the earth, sex, marriage and work.

This is an indispensable guide to understanding how the Creator wants the world to work and will challenge readers to change their behaviour and attitudes to reflect what God intends for life.

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