9781844748723-I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said That… but I'm really glad he did-Timmis, Steve

I Wish Jesus Hadn't Said That… but I'm really glad he did

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Timmis, Steve | Inter-Varsity Press


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Jesus had a way of turning things on their head big time. We call ourselves his followers, but are we really willing to dare to follow him when he says:
"Take up your cross"?
"Love your enemies"?
"I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"?
"Go and make disciples of all nations"?

"Let's face it,"? says Steve Timmis. "Being a follower of Jesus can be rather inconvenient... a pain in the neck."? It cuts right across so many of our 'natural' rights and desires.

However, the paradox is that it's in the losing, rather than the loving, of our lives that we find amazing joy and deep fulfilment. Obeying God, rather than spoiling everything, enables us to live the life we were always made to live.

"Steve Timmis' writing makes easy-reading without being shallow as he treats some of Jesus' meaty sayings. Concise, relevant, applied and insightful."?
- Simon Guillebaud

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