9781844748006-NSBT God Who Became Human, The: A Biblical Theology of Incarnation-Cole, Graham A.

NSBT God Who Became Human, The: A Biblical Theology of Incarnation

Product Code: 9781844748006

Cole, Graham A. | Inter-Varsity Press


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The study of themes plays a major part in biblical theology, and great events and roles that are pivotal in Christology can be successfully placed in a 'promise-fulfilment' framework. However, is incarnation an anomaly? Was incarnation part of the hope of Israel?

Cole's stimulating study addresses such questions. He begins by exploring the purpose of creation in terms of God fashioning a palace-temple for dwelling with the creature made in the divine image, then follows God's acts in Israel's history to redeem a people of his own among whom he will dwell. He considers Israel's messianic hope, and then the New Testament testimony: "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us"? (John 1:14), in the person of Jesus Christ.

Cole also addresses the question raised by Anselm - "Why did God become man?"? - and finds abundant New Testament answers. He concludes with a consideration of the theological and existential significance of the incarnation.

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