9781844746200-The Big Ego Trip: Finding True Significance in a Culture of Self-Esteem-Harrison, Glynn

The Big Ego Trip: Finding True Significance in a Culture of Self-Esteem

Product Code: 9781844746200

Harrison, Glynn | Inter-Varsity Press


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After decades of trying to feel good about ourselves, why do we still hunger for meaning and significance? This is because self-esteem ideology has led us down a psychological cul-de-sac that causes more harm than good, and leads to today's culture of narcissism and entitlement.

The Christian gospel calls us away from a goal of self-esteem, encouraging us to stop judging ourselves, embrace our identity in God's big story and seek His glory. This is the only sure foundation for biblically based optimism, confidence and personal resilience.

"This is an important and timely book. It is so helpful to have attitudes to self-esteem traced historically and culturally and then critiqued from the viewpoint of the Christian gospel... I commend it warmly."?
- Christopher Ash, Director of the Proclamation Trust's Cornhill Training Course

"The Big Ego Trip is a 'must read' not only for those with a special interest in psychology and psychiatry, but for all parents, teenagers and students - indeed for anyone seeking a trustworthy guide through the labyrinthine quest for self esteem."?
- Sinclair B Ferguson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Redeemer Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas

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