9781844746040-What Kind of Hope: How Jesus Changes Everything-Ots, Michael

What Kind of Hope: How Jesus Changes Everything

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Ots, Michael | Inter-Varsity Press


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There is something wrong with our world. Clearly, things shouldn't be the way they are. The Bible makes many claims about the future, a future in which we can have real hope. Michael Ots helps us unpack these claims, showing why real and radical hope doesn't have to be beyond our grasp.

- What does the Bible say about the future?
- What evidence do I have that this is true?
- If my beliefs influence my actions, then what difference does the Bible's teaching make in my life?

"What Kind of Hope? not only gives seekers hope that life has meaning and purpose - but Michael Ots gives us solid reasons why. He does so with such buoyancy and joy that it's immediately apparent why Christians are the most hopeful people on earth."?
- Rebecca Manley Pippert, bestselling author of Out of the Saltshaker

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