9781844746033-Unreached: Growing Churches In Working-Class And Deprived Areas-Chester, Tim

Unreached: Growing Churches In Working-Class And Deprived Areas

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Chester, Tim | Inter-Varsity Press


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"When I became a Christian, I didn't have many Christian men to look up to. There were few who could show me what a council-estate Christian looked like." - Duncan Forbes

Think of the thriving evangelical churches in your area, and the chances are that they will be in the nice areas of town and their leaders will be middle class. Unreached is about reaching deprived, urban, working-class areas, often estates or housing schemes. This book doesn't claim to offer the final word, but it presents us with a vision of what can be done. We pray that it will start a vital process in all our hearts and minds.

"Tim Chester has worked hard to show how the raw, uncut gospel must be applied in the 'unreached' people groups of once 'Christian' nations. He writes from both ministry experience and a passion for the gospel. He is also wised-up about the missional challenges before us, bringing valuable practical insight and needed advice for the reader."
- Joel Virgo, Church Elder, Church of Christ the King, Brighton

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