9781844745838-Perfect Saviour, The: Key Themes in Hebrews-Griffiths, Jonathan (Editor)

Perfect Saviour, The: Key Themes in Hebrews

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Griffiths, Jonathan (Editor) | Inter-Varsity Press


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Too often, valuable New Testament scholarship never finds its way to the preacher's or pastor's study because it is presented in a form that is not practically digestible in the time available for sermon preparation.

The motivation for this volume is the desire to bridge the gap between the work of evangelical scholars in universities and colleges and the world of the busy preacher and Bible teacher.

Specifically, it offers a theological introduction to the New Testament book of Hebrews, by way of a set of expositions of some significant themes and difficult questions, by some well-known scholars.

Topics covered are: the new covenant (Peter O'Brien); the word of God (Jonathan Griffiths); the priesthood of Christ (Richard Gaffin, Jr); the tabernacle (David Gooding); warning and assurance (Thomas Schreiner); access and arrival (Peter Walker); perfection (David Peterson); and suffering (Bruce Winter).

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