9781844745166-John Stott: A Portrait by His Friends-Wright, Christopher (Editor)

John Stott: A Portrait by His Friends

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Wright, Christopher (Editor) | Inter-Varsity Press


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For one of the outstanding gifts that God gave to John Stott, observed by almost every contributor to this collection, was an incredible capacity for friendship. Never did the word 'single' seem less appropriate than for this lifelong bachelor. If all the stories were to be recorded of all the friends with something to tell of their encounters with John, we should have an encyclopaedia from every corner of the globe.

Thirty-five of John's friends open their hearts and share memories of a unique man, creating an art gallery of very personal portraits by friends and colleagues from around the globe. From 'Wumby Dumby', the special uncle and godfather, to the Rev Dr John Stott, international Christian statesman, this tribute contains a rich bank of memories, representing a key period in British evangelicalism.

Many brush strokes, one portrait.

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