9781844744275-Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, The-Carson, D. A.

Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God, The

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Carson, D. A. | Inter-Varsity Press


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The theme of the love of God is inexhaustible, both in our experience and our theology. In today's world, however, it is a theme that has been taken for granted and treated as easily understood. Many see God in sentimental ways: he is a kind old man in the sky who wouldn't harm a fly, or an easy-going friend who gives them presents and helps them out of every difficult spot.

But is it really that easy? What does the Bible teach about God's love? What does it have to say about the wrath of the loving God, or about the loving God who is also sovereign Lord?

In this book, Don Carson turns his attention to these vital questions. He wants us to get a new perspective - one that sees God as awesome and glorious, as well as loving. He wants us to understand that God's justice and His sovereignty are included in His love, not opposed to it, and so to reach an even richer picture of the wonderful love of God.

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