9781844744121-Last Things First: Living In The Light Of The Future-Beynon, Graham

Last Things First: Living In The Light Of The Future

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Beynon, Graham | Inter-Varsity Press


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Why think about the future? After all, it seems 'what will happen will happen', it only leads to controversy and argument, and it's irrelevant to life now.

However, Graham Beynon shows that the real danger is that we don't think about the future. God in His Word puts last things first - the whole gospel is shaped around what is to come. God has a plan for where He is taking this world, and His people are called to live in the light of that future. The Bible teaches Christians to store up treasure in heaven, to wait faithfully for the return of their Master, to think of this world as temporary and passing, and to think of the world to come as their inheritance.

Graham Beynon takes a look at this teaching and shows how what is to come should shape practical Christian living now, including godliness, handling of money, service of others, speaking about Jesus, faithfulness to him, and response to hardship.

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