9781844743544-Teenagers: Biblical Wisdom for Parents-Benton, Ann

Teenagers: Biblical Wisdom for Parents

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Benton, Ann | Inter-Varsity Press


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Ann Benton admits that, when her children were teenagers, she enjoyed "the very best of parenting years."? Yet, from her experience and that of others, she is all too well aware of the frustrations, pitfalls and difficulties that parenting teens can bring.

The book of Proverbs points to wisdom as the key to health, happiness and prosperity. Ann Benton points out that the job of parents is not first and foremost to make their teens successful, but to make them wise. With honesty and wit, she shows how Proverbs can speak directly into real life, however messy, today.

"Ann Benton does not shy away from God's unchanging standards, but neither does she allow the reader to feel guilty or inadequate."
- Richard Cunningham, Director of UCCF: The Christian Unions

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