9781844742646-TOTC 1 & 2 Kings-Wiseman, D.J.

TOTC 1 & 2 Kings

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Wiseman, D.J. | Inter-Varsity Press


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The book of Kings is a unique source for understanding the history of Israel from the last days of the united kingdom under David to the eventual fall of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Presenting Israel's national history from a divine viewpoint, these narratives measure the kings of Israel and Judah not by the mark they leave on secular history, but by their "doing what is right in the Lord's sight." Embedded in this story are enduring lessons of the ways of God with his people in every age.In this commentary Donald Wiseman brings to this portion of Scripture his life-long study of the archeology, history, languages and documents of the ancient Near East. No other commentary on Kings offers as much historical background and well-considered judgement in such concise and accessible form.

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