9781844742530-NSBT Father, Son And Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel-Swain, Scott & Kostenberger, Andreas J.

NSBT Father, Son And Spirit: The Trinity and John's Gospel

Product Code: 9781844742530

Swain, Scott & Kostenberger, Andreas J. | Inter-Varsity Press


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From the patristic period until today, John's Gospel has served as a major source for the church's knowledge, doctrine and worship of the triune God. Among all New Testament documents, the Fourth Gospel provides not only the most raw material for the doctrine of the Trinity, but also the most highly developed patterns of reflection that seek to account in some way for the distinct personhood and divinity of Father, Son and Spirit without compromising the unity of God.

While there have been recent, fine studies on aspects of John's doctrine of God, it is surprising that none summarises and synthesises what John has to say about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In order to fill this gap, Kostenberger and Swain offer a fresh examination of John's Trinitarian vision.

"In addition to its contribution to Christian understanding of God - can there be any higher subject? - it stimulates serious thought about how we move from careful study of biblical text to theological formulation."
- D. A. Carson

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