Brief Theology of Periods, A (Yes, really)

Rachel Jones | The Good Book Company

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Excellent book about how God is present in the reality of female life

A great book about a topic that is rarely spoken about but impacts a large amount of women’s lives, from learning to adjust to the onset of menarche, the practicality of tracking your cycle (either for life planning or fertility reasons) for an average of 40 years, to the onset of menopause and the relief or sadness this can bring. Jones writes with a strong desire to think about all of life theologically, and so considers the goodness of the created woman’s body, the reality of pain and suffering, the shame women feel in this area, how emotions affect us, and the reminder of our mortality with menopause.

Throughout, she links these realities of female life with Jesus and how he is present and relevant in it all. He loves us, walks with us in our weakness, saves us from sin and shame, and enables us to feel emotions, but also not to let them control us. We are reminded that life is short and that we are called to make disciples. Perhaps the monthly cycle is a regular chance to stop, and reflect on how we have been loving in ways that honour and glory God.

Jones has the right balance of Biblical and theological consideration, wisdom, honesty, humour and challenge. It will have obvious appeal for many women, and teenage girls (although some aspects may go over their heads). Of course, men will also benefit. All of us should long to understand more of the lives of those around us, with a God-honouring framework that both encourages and challenges.

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Rachel Wood
Fantastic read!

I loved this book! It is skilfully crafted, sensitively & funnily written, & showcases God’s ways & creation in surprising & wonderful ways. Highly recommend.