Joy in the Sorrow: How a Thriving Church (and its Pastor) Learned to Suffer Well

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Released September 2019

We all wonder how we will cope in times of terrible suffering, and how we can best support others who are suffering. And we all ask the question: how does suffering square with God’s character and purpose?

As a young pastor, Matt Chandler knew he needed to learn how to help hurting people. He studied the Scriptures, and he learned from people at the Village Church who remained joyful in their suffering. And then suddenly he was having to live what he'd learned.

This is the moving story of Matt's battle with a potentially fatal brain tumor. But it's also the stories of those who taught him, and teach him, how to walk with joy in sorrow.

This book will make you cry, laugh, and worship God. And you will see how you can live with joy when times of sorrow come, and how you can support others going through tough times.

240 pages


  • 1. I Had No Answers
  • 2. Beauty in the Ripples
  • 3. Treasure Veiled in Heartache
  • 4. We Named Her Kate
  • 5. I Know, I Understand, I'm Here
  • 6. Clinging to Life
  • 7. Beating on Our Father's Chest
  • 8. Walking the Valley With Him
  • 9. No Need to Be Afraid
  • 10. More Broken, Much Brighter
  • 11. Somehow, This is Enough
  • 12. He Wept With Me
  • 13. The Spirit's Surgery

View an excerpt here.

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