Swipe Up: A better way to do love, sex and relationships

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In a sex-saturated culture where anything goes, it’s tempting to think that the Christian vision for sex seems dull, uninspiring and just plain weird!

Join author Jason Roach as he reflects on how he discovered a different way of looking at sex, relationships and love. He found the true intimacy he was craving in God’s perfect design for sex and sexuality and you can too.

Discover a better story than the one our culture tells, a story where respect, generosity and care for others abound and relationships can flourish. Trade insecurity for confidence, anxiety for freedom and stress for happiness as you enjoy who God has made you to be and live in the way He intends.

96 pages


  • Foreword: by Glynn Harrison
  • Introduction: why I am telling my story
  • 1. Something more
  • Or My Girlfriend was a pole dancer
  • 2. Here for a reason
  • Or how Shaving has never been quite the same again
  • 3. Celebrating our situation
  • Or Why singleness is not second best
  • 4. Faithful
  • Or Why anniversaries matter more than wedding days
  • 5. Friendship
  • Or why “the one” isn’t enough
  • 6. Speaking to our world
  • Or Why “Stop it” just won’t do
  • Epilogue: Swipe Up.


This book is sane, funny, honest, powerful and moving in equal measure. Jason Roach does a marvellous job in presenting the Bible’s beautiful vision for sexuality in our broken world in a way that is utterly realistic and completely recognisable. Both sensitive and courageous, no-one - married or single, Chistian or non-Christian, could read ’Swipe Up' without laughing, rethinking and even shedding a tear. Read it, talk about, pass it on!

Gary Millar, Principal, Queensland Theological College, Australia

Jason Roach must have swallowed a truth pill to write this book! It’s so real about intimacy, loneliness, adolescence, singleness, marriage and friendship. Amidst the searing honesty, he shows us how he discivered an amazing map that enabled and us to stay clear of the storms. It’s a map and a story you’d be mad to miss. I’ll be thoroughly recommending it across the generations at All Souls.

Rico Tice, Pastor, author and founder of Christianity Explored

Comments from Readers:

As a single guy, Swipe Up helps to cut through the complication of dating and relationships in 2019 and shines a light on the joy a loving God has for us.
- Matt, 25
Personable and genuine, Jason understands the reality of living as a young adult today. Through his own story and struggles he shows how living faithfully committed to God's design is not only plausible and practical, but 'an honour we can never abandon'.
- Hannah, 23
Jason helps us understand why no earthly relationship comes close to fulfilling our desires for intimacy, security or purpose in the way that a relationship with God through Christ does. Do read if you’re wanting to ground your relationship choices within a solid biblical framework.
- Tim, 37
I've ordered 20 for our youth group—not only does it shine a light on romantic relationships but it brilliantly handles, singleness, friendship, the blessing of the church, and how all human love is rooted in who our great God of love has made us to be.
- Nick, youth worker
Swipe Up concisely conveys biblical wisdom and real-life insight. Recommended.
- Nathanel, 30
A brilliantly honest and refreshingly open book, bringing a modern twist to God's love story with us. Roach clearly depicts the beauty and intimacy that singleness can hold.
- Amy, 24

Jason’s honesty is a real blessing in Swipe Up. He meets you where you are, in whatever scenario! This book has encouraged me that it’s not wrong to feel, gently demonstrating that God has created us as relational people for a reason - to point to his infinite love for us!
- Milly, 26


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