Engage Collection

Engage Collection

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Engage is now available as a collection of 20 issues meaning you buy an entire library of Bible study aids designed to help young people understand and apply the WHOLE Bible. No chapter has been left unexplored, no subject left by the wayside.

Engage helps young people connect to the source of life by encouraging them to handle, question and explore God's message.

Engages helps young people to deal with real life:
- Stuff - articles on issues such as the environment and porn
- Tricky - tricky questions that confuse us all tackled

Engage helps young people live life to the full:
Real lives - true stories revealing God's work in people's lives
Essential - articles on basic Bible truth such as the trinity
Toolbox - full of fools to help you understand the Bible

All 20 issues of Engage. 1,189 chapters of the Bible. Every chapter of the Bible covered in 5 years.

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