9781783972104-Christians in the Community of the Dome-Mann, Julian

Christians in the Community of the Dome

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Mann, Julian | Evangelical Press


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How should Christians relate to an increasingly de-Christianised public square where people are either ignorant of, or hostile toward, the worldview of the Bible? What are Christians to do when the Church is marginalised, and the moral law in Scripture is seen as repressive and intolerant?

In this context, Julian Mann brilliantly summarises what many of us have lived through since the turn of the Millennium. She connects many events most Christians are already aware of and puts them in a format that allows a proper assessment of the flow of history in our time. The scenarios presented here are a clarion call to wake up to the situation we face, and a reminder that our sovereign Lord is at work in all that happens.

“Julian Mann’s succinct study is penetrating in its analysis of the capturing of the UK’s political and social institutions. He creatively demonstrates the inroads Cultural Marxism is making in our society rather than simply denouncing it.”
- Mike Davidson, CEO, Core Issues Trust

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