9781783971954-Cornerstones of Salvation: Foundations and Debates in the Reformed Tradition-Gatiss, Lee

Cornerstones of Salvation: Foundations and Debates in the Reformed Tradition

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Gatiss, Lee | Evangelical Press


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In this book, Lee Gatiss explores the essential issues of the Reformed tradition. Indeed, his historical questions have been aptly chosen for their clear relevance to the needs of the Reformed community today. These questions include:
• What are the fundamentals of saving doctrine essential for contemporary audiences to hear?
• In the light of the New Perspective, can we still preach justification by faith?
• In an age of sound bites and video clips, should local congregational preaching still be the top priority?
• With contemporary culture demanding inclusion, is there room for some degree of doctrinal diversity amongst today’s adherents of the Westminster Confession?

“Lee Gatiss addresses themes of classical Reformed theology with characteristic clarity and verve… Here is an author with that rare and marvellous ability to analyse and articulate essential contours of confessional truth... in ways that are at once profound and readable, incisive, penetrating, and weighty, without ever being heavy.”
- Benjamin Dean, Lecturer in Systematic Theology, George Whitefield College, Cape Town, South Africa

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