9781783971848-Does Atheism Make Sense-Blanchard, John

Does Atheism Make Sense

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Blanchard, John | Evangelical Press


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This book is straightforward and readable, yet it is serious enough to tackle one of today's major issues. It asks six key questions, showing that atheism has no positive answer to any of them. It then points clearly to the only dependable alternative - the Christian worldview - and shows that embracing it is a life-transforming experience.

"No one in our generation has done more than John Blanchard to explain the gospel with winsome clarity and biblical accuracy. He has a wonderful gift for communicating even the hardest biblical truths in simple terms - and he is driven by an indefatigable passion to rise above the silliness, anger, negativity, noise and shallowness of today's public discourse."?
- John MacArthur

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