9781783971824-Radical Church: A Call to Rediscover the Radical Roots of the Christian Faith-Caldwell, John

Radical Church: A Call to Rediscover the Radical Roots of the Christian Faith

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Caldwell, John | Evangelical Press


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The Church in the West is in a cultural battle, and the church is losing. As the values, laws, and social attitudes of the land become increasingly anti-Christian, Christians are faced with a conflict - compromise the faith and lose God's blessing, or resist the cultural pressure and risk social hostility. In this book, John Caldwell looks at the church and the problems it faces today, and finds the answer in a radical return to the roots of the Christian faith.

"Each generation requires a fresh evaluation and application of the foundational principles of the gospel. That is what John Caldwell has provided in this book: a recovery of the roots of our Christian faith in God and his Word."?
- Rev. Dr Iain D. Campbell

"The church today is trying to reach the culture by increasingly becoming like the culture rather than pointing people to the Way, the Truth and the Life. Radical Church is a clear call to God's people to return to the Scriptures for God's paradigm for our lives and churches."?
- Dr. Gary Gilley

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