9781783971503-War and Faith: Short Biographies from the Second World War-Stephens, Don

War and Faith: Short Biographies from the Second World War

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Stephens, Don | Evangelical Press


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The Second World War was the most destructive conflict in human history. More than forty million people died and millions more suffered all kinds of loss."¨ This sequel to Don Stephen's War and Grace, tells the stories of eight people and their experiences before, during, and in the years following World War II. All of these people came to faith in Christ, and from then on their faith was the driving force behind their lives.

The stories include the South African Air Force war hero who became a vital missionary pilot, the Scottish lady from quiet Dumfriesshire who was a martyr at Auschwitz, and the German Prisoner-of-War who found a strong spiritual link with the Wirral. These eight stories combine to remind readers dramatically that our God is able to use even the dire circumstances for His glory.

"These short biographies are interesting, stirring and moving, but above all edifying as we constantly reflect on what it means to serve Christ wholeheartedly."?
- Adrian Reynolds, Director of Ministry, Proclamation Trust

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