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Bitesize Biographies: William Perkins

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William Perkins (1558-1602) served as a preacher at St. Andrew the Great, Cambridge, as a teaching fellow at Christ's College, catechised students at Corpus Christi College on Thursday afternoons, and worked as a spiritual counsellor on Sunday afternoons. In these roles, Perkins influenced a generation of young students, including Richard Sibbes, John Cotton, John Preston and William Ames.

Thomas Goodwin wrote that when he entered Cambridge, six of his instructors who had sat under Perkins were still passing on his teaching. Ten years after Perkins's death, Cambridge was still "filled with the discourse of the power of Mr. William Perkins' ministry,"? Goodwin said.

Perkins's influence as a theologian continued unabated after his death. This was due in large part to the widespread popularity of his writings. His writings were translated into several European languages and greatly influenced British and American Reformed theology, the Dutch Further Reformation, and European Pietism.

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