9781783970216-WCS Psalms 73-50 God's Manual of Spirituality-Eveson, Philip

WCS Psalms 73-50 God's Manual of Spirituality

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Eveson, Philip | Evangelical Press


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In the New Testament, the most quoted book of the Old Testament is the Psalms. Jesus clearly committed them to memory and found them speaking to Him and for Him concerning His ministry in life and death. The Apostles turned to the Psalms in their preaching as well as when praying for boldness in the face of strong persecution.

In this second volume, Philip Eveson brings his skills as an Old Testament scholar, blended with a warm pastor's heart to produce a work that will serve the student, the preacher/teacher and the devotional reader.

"...Philip Eveson has done a superb work in his two-volume commentary on the Psalms. He has provided a treasury of food for the soul as well as fodder for the preacher. Eveson indicates awareness of critical questions along the way regarding the Psalms, but never at the expense of rich insight arising from solid exegesis... Highly recommended."?
- O. Palmer Robertson, Director and Vice Chancellor of African Bible College in Uganda

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