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Bitesize Biographies: Samuel Rutherford

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Hannula, Richard M. | Evangelical Press


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Samuel Rutherford is among the most loved authors of the Puritan period. His letters, written largely to members of his congregation at Anwoth in Galloway, Scotland are still available, having never been out of print since 1664. Charles Spurgeon said of those letters, aside from the Bible, such a book the world never saw.

Nonetheless, there was even more to this man who loved the Lord Jesus Christ so much - he was one of the Scottish delegates to the Westminster Assembly that produced the 1649 Confession of Faith, and was also a major theologian in his own right.

"This superb summary of Samuel Rutherford's life and ministry in 17th century Scotland teaches us fascinatingly about the past in order to challenge and encourage us towards service of the Lord in the present... What comes across most clearly in these pages is his intense devotion to Jesus Christ... Richard Hannula, in this delightfully simple yet profound account, encourages us to learn from Rutherford's example how to live for our Lord."
- Edward Donnelly, Principal, Reformed Theological College, Belfast, Northern Ireland

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