9781783592692-NSBT Return to Me: A Biblical Theology of Repentance-Boda, Mark J.

NSBT Return to Me: A Biblical Theology of Repentance

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Boda, Mark J. | IVP Academic


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"Return to me, says the LORD of hosts, and I will return to you..."? (Zech. 1:3 ESV).

The theme of repentance is evident in almost every Old and New Testament corpus. It concerns the repair of a relationship with God disrupted by human sin. However, it has received little sustained attention over the past half-century of scholarship, which has been largely restricted to word studies or focused on a particular text or genre.

In response, Mark Boda offers a comprehensive overview of the theological witness of Scripture to the theme of repentance. The key to understanding is not simply to be found in word studies, but also in the broader meaning of texts as these communicate through a variety of words, images and stories.

"Mark Boda... patiently, thoroughly, and effectively works his way through Scripture to learn what repentance means and what it looks like in each canonical corpus, covering not only commonly used words, but also the fundamental concepts."?
- D. A. Carson

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