9781783591718-Heart Attitudes: Cultivating Life On The Inside-Beynon, Graham

Heart Attitudes: Cultivating Life On The Inside

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Beynon, Graham | Inter-Varsity Press


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What we know and what we do are crucial, but so too is who we are. God wants to shape our hearts. The gospel is God's means of transforming our hearts - it produces love, godly fear, joy, peace, humility, confidence, thankfulness, contentment and hope. With gospel surgery, we can 'cultivate life on the inside'.

Yes, it's radical and often painful, but Graham Beynon speaks with the heart of a pastor as well as the mind of a 'heart surgeon'. This is a liberating book that enables us to be all we are meant to be in Christ.

"There is a wealth of careful bible teaching informed by a pastor's experience in this thoroughly useful book."
- Christopher Ash, Director of the Proclamation Trust's Cornhill Training Course

"Full of biblical wisdom, each chapter applies the gospel to the heart issues of Christian living in today's world. Illuminating our attitudes and challenging our motives, this clear and easy-to-read guide is a tonic towards spiritual progress and fulfilment."
- David Jackman, Past President, the Proclamation Trust

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