9781783591046-Simply God: Recovering The Classical Trinity-Sanlon, Peter

Simply God: Recovering The Classical Trinity

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Sanlon, Peter | Inter-Varsity Press


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Most contemporary presentations of the Christian God focus on either his 'oneness' or his 'relationality'. These are often assumed to contradict one another, and language about God's love and relationality often settles into a comforting but ultimately shallow and unreliable gesture towards bland niceness.

Peter Sanlon offers a fresh, stimulating examination of the triune God who is love. He guides us through the classical theological tradition of Augustine, Anselm and Aquinas - aiming to help us think and speak more faithfully about God.

In Part One, Sanlon introduces the vital concept of 'simplicity', without which it is impossible fully to affirm all the Bible teaches about God. Part Two examines the relationality of God's love in Scripture.

"Here is a clear and winsome apologia for classical theism. Peter Sanlon argues for a truly passionate God, beautiful in his 'otherness.'"
- Michael Reeves Theologian-at-Large, Wales Evangelical School of Theology

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