9781781919804-Breath of Life: Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and Following His Lead-Saer, Orlando

Breath of Life: Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and Following His Lead

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Saer, Orlando | Christian Focus


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Just who is the Holy Spirit really? What is He about? And how does He impact the life of a Christian believer? The work of the Spirit is celebrated throughout the Christian world - and rightly so. But too often that talk gets sloppy. The Spirit is reduced to anything in the Christian life that's spontaneous, informal or just weird!

In this short and engagingly-written book, Orlando Saer takes us right back to the beginning to rediscover what the Spirit is about. He shines the light of the Bible into our confusion and leaves us overwhelmed with gratitude for this precious Pentecost gift.

"The book walks us through the bigger picture of the Bible, showing us how the coming of the Spirit is the fulfilment of God's plan. Expect to learn, expect to grow, expect to discover all it means for you to rejoice in the greatness of the Spirit."?
- Neil Powell, Pastor, City Church, Edgbaston, Birmingham

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