9781781919088-Death in Adam, Life in Christ: The Doctrine of Imputation-Fesko, J.V.

Death in Adam, Life in Christ: The Doctrine of Imputation

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Fesko, J.V. | Mentor


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The doctrine of imputation is the ground in which salvation is rooted. It is often seen as superfluous or splitting hairs, and yet, without it, redemption automatically becomes reliant on our own works and we can lose assurance of our salvation.

In this book, J.V. Fesko works through this doctrine - looking at its long history in the church, its exegetical foundation, and its dogmatic formulation. In exploring imputed guilt from the First Adam alongside the imputed righteousness from the Second, this volume offers a helpfully well-rounded explanation of the doctrine.

"Conversations over imputation are rarely informed by the history of interpretation. Fesko introduces us to seminal figures in this development and no engagement with original sin or justification should overlook his careful spade work."?
- Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

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