9781781917183-Clearing of the Mists, A: In Pursuit of Wisdom upon the Scottish Hills-Haworth, Martin C.

Clearing of the Mists, A: In Pursuit of Wisdom upon the Scottish Hills

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Haworth, Martin C. | Christian Focus


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The mountains of Scotland have long drawn people to their rugged peaks and rolling tops. Drawn by the physical quest, the desire for solitude or for many, the deeper search for purpose and meaning in their life experience.

Martin C. Haworth was drawn to wild places, searching for that connection with something pure and great. In that search, he has known the spiritual glimpses that God communicates to us through the awe-inspiring grandeur of wild places. Join him in this devotional journey through the Scottish hills.

"In a remarkable blend of Scripture, personal experience and devotional style, Martin Haworth journeys through the awe inspiring wonder and grandeur of the Scottish hills to the glory and honour of the Creator of all things. Every chapter opens up a new perspective on the realities of life as one man comes to know and understand the saving grace of his Creator God."?
- Wayne Sutton, Senior Pastor, Carrubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

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