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9Marks God: Is He Out There

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McConnell, Mez | Christian Focus


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If God exists, how can we prove it? If God exists, what does it have to do with me? If all this is true, now what? This series of short workbooks, from the 9Marks Urban series, are designed to help people think through some of life's big questions. It all starts with the most important question of all: God - is He out there? If we answer that there is a God, then how can we get to know Him and how should we now live?

"... a clear explanation of what God says about Himself without talking down to people. It's a great opportunity to think about the most important questions of all: Does God exist? What's He like? And what's it got to do with me?"?
- Tim Chester, Pastor of Grace Church, Boroughbridge, Yorkshire

"... brilliantly simple and accessible to anyone searching for answers about God and truth, and yet biblically sound and clear about what it truly means to know Christ and walk with him."?
- Brian Croft, Pastor, Auburndale Baptist Church

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