9781781916858-Renewing Broken Lives: Even More Miracles from Mayhem-Howat, Irene and Nicholson, May

Renewing Broken Lives: Even More Miracles from Mayhem

Product Code: 9781781916858

Howat, Irene and Nicholson, May | Christian Focus


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May Nicholson's story tells of how she went from being a drunk no-hoper to establishing Preshal, a Christian trust based in one of the most needy areas of Glasgow. The work of Preshal and its impact continue to challenge and inspire.

In this book, you will find May's story and the story of Preshal interwoven with the stories that men and women tell of their own lives. The book will be sure to move readers to tears, to laughter and to prayer.

"Another page-turner as we are taken into the heart of a world of amazing grace... you will love the hilarious accounts of the missing chihuahua and the romance which began in the prison cell. You will be drawn into the transformative ministry of Preshal and introduced to a culture where hugs and holiness operate side by side."?
- David Meredith, Mission Director, Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

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