9781781916414-Foundations: Four Big Questions We Should Be Asking but Typically Don't-Mead, Peter

Foundations: Four Big Questions We Should Be Asking but Typically Don't

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Mead, Peter | Christian Focus


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Which god is God? What is a human? What is sin? What is salvation? You may never have thought much about these questions. But the fact is we all have a working version of the answers.

Instead of speculating about who God is, Peter Mead invites us to begin with the claim that God has revealed Himself in Jesus. What kind of a God emerges from that claim? What kind of a vision for human beings and human flourishing? Christians have a word for it - 'gospel'. We think that what emerges is good news - the good news.

"Peter Mead points to the preaching in Acts to provide answers to the important foundational questions that we want people to be asking when it comes to faith in Christ. This concise book is just what is needed to build belief and believers!"?
- Scott M. Gibson, Haddon W. Robinson Professor of Preaching, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Massachusetts

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