9781781915851-Silent Shades of Sorrow, The: Healing for the Wounded-Spurgeon, Charles Haddon

Silent Shades of Sorrow, The: Healing for the Wounded

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Spurgeon, Charles Haddon | Christian Heritage


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Pastor Charles Spurgeon was a friend to those who physically and mentally suffered. He and his own dear wife, Susannah, suffered truly through years of physical and mental pains. In this light, Charles preached transparently about sorrows and their many kinds, including depression in all of its forms. He was no trite preacher. He spoke as one who had been there.

This collection of works from C. H. Spurgeon offers a healing taste of his powerful ministry on our sorrows. Among the many and silent shades of sorrow, the sorrowing have a Savior. There is hope for the broken-hearted.

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