9781781915547-Confident: Why We Can Trust the Bible-Strange, Daniel & Ovey, Michael

Confident: Why We Can Trust the Bible

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Strange, Daniel & Ovey, Michael | Christian Focus


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Let's face some uncomfortable facts: many Christians can struggle with exactly the same issues about the Bible as their non-Christian friends. Is God in control? Can He be trusted? Is He moral? Does He care and can He speak into my life and my struggles?

Daniel Strange and Michael Ovey set out how we can we place our complete trust in Scripture, challenging both Christians and those outside the church.

"Speaking both to the wider society and the Church, Daniel Strange and Mike Ovey challenge the sceptical, cynical and embarrassed approaches to the Bible, and provoke us to a greater confidence in this amazing God given gift to humanity."
- Steve Clifford, General Director, Evangelical Alliance, UK

"...intellectually satisfying, spiritually edifying and a most useful addition to your apologetic tool bag. It is presented in easily digestible portions but will add to both your knowledge and your confidence in using the Bible."
- David Meredith, Minister, Smithton Free Church of Scotland, Inverness

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