9781781914069-Backchat: Answering Christianity's Critics-Sinkinson, Chris

Backchat: Answering Christianity's Critics

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Sinkinson, Chris | Christian Focus


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Darwin's death bed conversion - truth or myth? Is God a moral monster? Is this really the God particle? Is the Bible an immoral book? Who was Jesus?

You wish you had an answer, now you do. Sinkinson tackles dodgy science and Christian urban myths whilst reminding us that Christians are not called to win arguments but hearts.

"When Richard Dawkins came on my radio show, I immediately knew who I wanted him to debate it with... Sinkinson, I can think of none better to provide it."?
Justin Brierley, Journalist and host of Premier Radio 'Unbelievable' Show

"Direct, informed, crisp, Biblical, and all with a dash of humour! A great collection of apologetic snapshots."?
- Jonathan Lamb, Keswick Ministries, CEO and minister-at-large

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