9781781913567-God's Family: The Greatest Royal Family Ever-Mackenzie, Catherine

God's Family: The Greatest Royal Family Ever

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Mackenzie, Catherine | CF4K


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Would you like to be in a royal family, living in a palace, wearing a crown and having a kingdom to rule over? Well there is a royal family that anyone can join and it's the greatest royal family ever - it's God's family.

The truth about how this family can be your family is in God's Word - the Bible.

"In ten lessons that will connect with young princes and princesses everywhere, Catherine Mackenzie explores the royal treasure that is... God's grace."?
- Jared Kennedy, Family Pastor, Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky

"God's Family will capture your children's imaginations, educate their minds and reach their souls."?
- Marty Machowski, Pastor, Author of The Gospel Story Bible and the Gospel Story Curriculum

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