9781781913208-God's Story: A Student's Guide Church to Church History-Cosby, Brian

God's Story: A Student's Guide Church to Church History

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Cosby, Brian | CF4K


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Brian Cosby makes the past come alive for students to explain Christian identity and to help readers avoid past mistakes. The history of the church reveals God's story for the world - despite the sin, corruption and twisted events in the church's past, God has preserved this remnant, His people. This book will give you a new understanding of His plan for the church and your life.

"Fast-paced and focused on major leaders and movements, this book gives a helpful introduction to the history of the church in bite-size portions. Through the ages, God's Story reminds us that history is His story - the account of God's works among His people."?
- Joel R. Beeke, President and Professor of Systematic Theology and Homiletics, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"Our history shapes who we are today. Brain Cosby has done you a huge favor. He's made reading church history easy and fun - and even devotional and worshipful."?
- Stephen J. Nichols, Research Professor of Christianity and culture, Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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