9781781912270-You Lift Me Up: Overcoming Ministry Challenges-Martin, A. N.

You Lift Me Up: Overcoming Ministry Challenges

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Martin, A. N. | Mentor


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It happens little by little... Even in the context of a very faithful ministry, a pastor may be at risk of a gradual - but ultimately debilitating - downfall. Al Martin speaks from years of experience as he guides pastors to identify warning signs of dangerous paths:
- Backsliding - a spiritual decline manifested first in the prayer closet
- Burnout - erosion of one's mental, emotional, psychological, and physical resiliency and buoyancy
- Washout - the loss of credibility among the people

"The author brings to this volume a lifetime of Christian ministry, studious preparation and experience in teaching pastors... May this book transform and help to sustain many of us."?
- Edward Donnelly, Principal, Reformed Theological College, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I'm so thankful that Pastor Martin's years of pastoral experience and wisdom are now being made available to the church in this wonderful book. I believe it will save many ministries and spare many families and churches the grief of burned-out, knocked-out, and washed-out pastors."?
- David Murray, Professor of Old Testament & Practical Theology, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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