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Christian's Pocket Guide to Being Made Right with God: Understanding Justification

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Justification is not a relic of the past - it has direct relevance to us as Christians today. We often struggle with the thought of justification because of human pride; "I can't be that bad" and so justification is often undermined, wrongly presented or just plain ignored.

Scripture though, is brutally clear: we have a real problem - the prospect of our lives marred by wrong-doing being laid out before an almighty God who is pure and will not forever let wrong go unpunished. We can't earn our way out of our predicament - as this is just 'rubbish' according to the apostle Paul. We need something else, someone who can take the hit we so richly deserve - leaving us to be declared innocent instead.

"Guy Waters is one of those rare treasures: a serious and able academician whose feet are grounded in the church... By reading this book, you will be grounded in this most important of doctrines and your faith will be enriched."
- Richard D. Phillips, Senior Minister, Second Presbyterian Church, Greenville, South Carolina

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