9781780781150-Battles Christians Face: Tackling Big Issues with Confidence-Roberts, Vaughan

Battles Christians Face: Tackling Big Issues with Confidence

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The Bible is clear that the Christian's hope and faith are forged in the fiery battles of life. Suffering and temptation shape and strengthen us, but in the twenty-first century many of the crucial difficulties that Christians have always struggled with are lightly treated by some.

How can I approach feelings of lust in a godly way when 'lust' is now an alluring name for perfume or chocolate? How can I battle guilt with integrity when friends encourage me to believe that sin doesn't really exist? Why do I feel so depressed when the impression is often given that Christians should always have a smile on their face and in their heart?

In Battles Christians Face, Vaughan Roberts equips us with practical weapons to face our daily battles with confidence. The teaching of this book restores our hope of living godly lives here and now - lives that honour and bear witness to Jesus Christ.

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