Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe

Voddie Baucham Jr. | Salem Books

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A Biblical answer giving clarity to Christians, not assumptions!

“There can be no reconciliation without justice!” Answer: “YES! AND THE DEATH OF CHRIST IS THAT JUSTICE!” (Quote p229)

The content is heavy yet factual, so it was worth taking the time to digest it.
Some exceptionally practical biblical advice is given in the ‘Restoration and Mitigation’ chapter near the end which all Christians should be aware of when speaking and engaging with brothers and sisters gracefully & truthfully.

Some cautionary advice: When reading particular parts where Voddie takes aim at some solid biblical exegetical preachers, I can understand taking a dig that’s warranted in a liberal topical sermon approach which is not edifying the church, however some of the comments may not have been warranted.

This said, the content of this book is excellent, evidence based, informative and helpful for not only personal knowledge on the subject, but insight into the toxic unbiblical agenda that is infiltrating every aspect of society (and the church if we do not know how to identify and refute it with biblical truth).

Will Jung
Biblically centred exposing the social justice movement

Fantastic, insightful and, above all, biblically centred book by Voddie reminding us that the heart of the problem is not racism but the sinful nature of man. Voddie does an excellent job is exposing the lies of the social justice movement and the false gospel it preaches, all with humility, love and grace. Must read for Christians to wake up from the woke culture we are in today.