Money: Seeking God's Wisdom | Jim Newheiser | 9781629954974

Money: Seeking God's Wisdom

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Newheiser, Jim | P & R Publishing


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Do you have money troubles? Often the underlying issue is not money but the promise of security, possessions, and pleasure that it brings. To lay a strong foundation for true financial success usually involves a change in perspective rather than in income. Biblical counselor Jim Newheiser’s reflection questions and practical exercises, paired with Scripture’s wisdom on financial and work-related topics, point you toward fiscal responsibility on earth and treasure in heaven.

In the 31-Day Devotionals for Life series, biblical counselors and Bible teachers guide you through Scripture passages that speak to specific situations or struggles, helping you to apply God’s Word to your life in practical ways day after day.

96 pages

“This wonderful book . . . provides Christians with God’s money wisdom in the most accessible format I have seen.”

—James C. Petty, Author, Act of Grace; Executive Director Emeritus, Children’s Jubilee Fund

“I would put the topic of finances within the top five issues that people whom I counsel struggle with. Here, Jim . . . [guides] us in this area of daily tension in our walk with God.”

—Stuart W. Scott, Professor of Biblical Counseling, Graduate Program of The Master’s University

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