9781629952956-Anger and Stress Management God's Way-Mack, Wayne A.

Anger and Stress Management God's Way

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Mack, Wayne A. | P&R Publishing


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Anger and stress affect each of us every day - even if we aren't feeling them ourselves, we come into contact with people who are. But their commonplace nature shouldn't cause us to shrug them away. Anger and stress are both destroyers, and they must be controlled before they bring devastating harm.

Of all the resources available to us, the Bible contains the most trustworthy and helpful guidance on how to handle ungodly anger and stress. Experienced biblical counselor Wayne Mack shows us how to turn to God's Word to find help, explaining principles that can be adopted for lasting positive change. Includes study questions and evaluation materials.

"A compelling read and so very biblically practical. This book gives so much hope for true, God-honoring change."?
- Martha Peace, Author, The Excellent Wife

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