9781629952710-Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew-Fullilove, William

Introduction to Hebrew: A Guide for Learning and Using Biblical Hebrew

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Fullilove, William | P&R Publishing


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If you’re learning Hebrew, why not enjoy it?

Sadly, most students of biblical Hebrew quit their studies at the most crucial moment—the transition from language basics to biblical exegesis. But you can flourish early on and progress further if you learn from the outset to read and explain biblical texts effectively.

In this comprehensive introductory textbook, Professor William Fullilove covers the basics of biblical Hebrew morphology and syntax while developing skills in the beginner that are typically reserved for more advanced students. Hebrew study becomes rapidly rewarding as you start to
- appreciate nuances of God’s Word that you would not be able to see in translation;
- understand how to appropriately use the best tools and secondary resources to aid in exegesis; and
- learn how to use your Hebrew knowledge to enrich your own understanding, research, and teaching.

Your studies are valuable. Stay engaged as you learn how to handle God’s Word with depth, confidence, and robust exegesis.

“Here's the book I wish I had been given, and from which I wish I had been instructed, when I was a student of Hebrew.”
- Timothy Keller

“Bill Fullilove’s mission is to make learning Biblical Hebrew as painless, productive, and pastorally relevant as it can be. . . . An invaluable resource. I highly recommend it.”
- James N. Anderson

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