9781629951867-What about Free Will: Reconciling Our Choices with God's Sovereignty-Christensen, Scott

What about Free Will: Reconciling Our Choices with God's Sovereignty

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Christensen, Scott | P&R Publishing


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Scott Christensen explains two views that acknowledge God's sovereignty and its relation to human responsibility: compatibilism and libertarianism. Providing cogent, biblical answers, he argues for compatibilism and shows how it makes sense of evil, suffering, prayer, evangelism and sanctification. You will gain a deeper understanding of both arguments, as well as a greater appreciation for the significant role that choices play in God's work.

"A clear, intelligent, immensely helpful overview of one of the most confusing conundrums in all of theology... Scott Christensen doesn't sidestep the hard questions. The answers he gives are thoughtful, biblical, satisfying, and refreshingly coherent. Lay readers and seasoned theologians alike will treasure this work."?
- John MacArthur, Pastor, Grace Community Church

"Careful in description and argument... eminently readable... Most important of all, this book breathes a spirit of wonder and gratitude before the face of a God who is not only all-powerful but good."?
- Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary, California

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