Brownlow North: The All-Around Evangelist

Brownlow North: The All-Around Evangelist

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Thomas, Geoffrey | Reformation Heritage


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Brownlow North is a crucially important figure—recent enough to be accessible and relevant to today’s world yet representing a healthier time for the church. He was the model all-around evangelist, the archetypal definition of a New Testament preacher, the living embodiment of a man who has the conviction, “Woe is unto me if I preach not the gospel.” His life displays what an infamous sinner can become when he has been transformed by being joined to Jesus Christ by faith through the grace of God. Knowing the terrors of the Lord, he beseeched men to turn and repent. He was a wise and courageous proclaimer, a humble interceder, a pastoral counselor, a churchman, a letter writer, an author, a theologian, and a redeemer of time.

192 pages



  1. His Early Years
  2. His Conversion
  3. His Preparation to Become an Evangelist
  4. His First Years of Ministry
  5. His Preaching and Praying
  6. His Preaching in Edinburgh
  7. His Church Recognition to Be an Authorized Evangelist
  8. His Correspondence
  9. His Theology
  10. His Ministry in the Irish Revival of 1859
  11. His First Visit to London in 1859
  12. His Visits to Colleges and Universities
  13. His Methods in Evangelism
  14. Seven of His Striking Converts
  15. His Directness in Evangelism
  16. Some Scenes from His Last Years of Itinerant Evangelism
  17. His Ultimate Year of Preaching in the City of Glasgow
  18. His Last Days and Death

A Note on the Sources

“Brownlow North was an outstanding preacher. Geoff Thomas is a gifted biographer. Here, they combine to give us a book which every Christian communicator should treasure. Brownlow North’s godless background, dramatic conversion, and remarkable success make for compelling reading. Although without formal training, his grasp of the gospel, his crystal-clear theology, his passion for souls, and his tireless dedication combine to present a deeply moving challenge and a powerful incentive. This book could transform today’s preachers!”

— John Blanchard, author of Ultimate Questions

“Brownlow North and I may have some slight differences of theological understanding, but his story, his burden and his ministry stir my heart and challenge my life.  This short biography is a treasure trove of blessings.  Rummaging through them brought joy to my heart and left me wanting to show and tell what I had just found.  I read and relished, and now want to imbibe the truths and imitate the man who loved and spoke of Jesus to such great effect.”

— Roger Carswell, author of Evangelistic Preaching

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